Google Chrome Offline Installer Free Download Overview


Google Chrome is a free web browser that first became available in 2008.

In the years since its release, Google Chrome has rapidly become one of the two most popular web browser programs worldwide. Users like Google Chrome because it is sleek, quick, and a great companion to the Google search engine we’ve all been using for years.

Features of Google Chrome include:

Speed. Chrome is designed to perform fast and load quickly.

Simplicity. Similarly to Firefox, Google Chrome has foregone some of the bells and whistles in favor of a sleeker, more efficient design.

Security. Built in malware and phishing protection as well as automatic updates keep you safe while browsing.

Privacy. Google Chrome allows you to choose what you share and what you don’t share online.

Customization. Use apps, add-ons, extensions, and themes to make your homepage truly unique and suited to your needs.

Sign In Feature. You can sign in to your Google account anywhere to immediately gain access to your bookmarks, history, and other settings on any computer.

In addition to these features, Google Chrome allows you to add new users to Chrome. This is a fantastic feature for families or roommates who share a single computer, because it allows them to each have their own personalized bookmarks, settings, and histories. It also has a built in PDF viewer so you are not slowed down by having to install add-ons or extensions to view PDF documents online.

Installing Chrome on Your PC

In order to use Google Chrome on your computer, you first need to install it. There are two ways to accomplish this task.

The easiest way to install Google Chrome is by going to the Chrome homepage and clicking the blue “Download Chrome” button at the top center of the page. This works best if you have a steady, reliable internet connection. If you are having trouble with this method, however, you can try downloading the browser with an alternate offline installer.

Alternate installers do not require you to be connected to the internet to install Chrome, so you can use these installers when you are offline. The disadvantage to this method is that you may not always get the updates to Google Chrome in a timely fashion, so it is recommended that you bookmark and revisit the installer page from time to time to ensure that you have the latest version of Google Chrome available.

Installing Chrome with an Alternate Offline Installer

If you are installing Google Chrome for your own user account only, click and follow this link. If you are installing Google Chrome for multiple user accounts on your computer, click and follow this link.

Once you click and download the version that you require, simply double click on the file and follow the instructions to complete installation.


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